The "Fast and the Furious" team made a memory movie of Paul Walker Dec
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The “Fast and the Furious” team made a memory movie of Paul Walker

The team of  “Fast and Furious ” in their own way expressed the condolences to Paul Walker .

Colleagues presented a short film made ​​from one of the best frames ” Fast and the Furious ” with his participation.

The film features scenes with Vin Diesel , Tyrese Gibson and Michelle Rodriguez . Behind the scenes the song sounds of Skylar Grey ” Coming back home.” Short inscription ends with a dark screen ” Remember , love … ” .

Paul Walker family said that appreciate any attention and expression of love for the actor . Deep condolences to the family of the actor had already expressed Lady Gaga, Gisele Bundchen , Rihanna and others.

It should be reminded that Paul Walker was killed in a car accident on November 30 when he and another man were returning from charity event organized by his foundation to benefit victims of the typhoon in the Philippines. Police officers arrived at the crash place and saw only  burning car wreckage.

Despite the fact that the autopsy results were known to police on December 4 it was publicized only yesterday. Coroners announced that the actor died of multiple injuries and burns almost immediately. The results of forensic evidence that the star ” Fast and the Furious ” died in a matter of seconds after the ignition of the car . However, the results of toxicological studies are not yet ready – they will appear only after 6-8 weeks.

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