"World War Z" is the most successful film in the career of Brad Pitt Aug
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“World War Z” is the most successful film in the career of Brad Pitt

No wonder that Brad Pitt traveled around the world  with a promotional campaign – Movie “World War Z”. Zombie was filmed by Mark Foster and became the most successful film in the career of Pitt in worldwide box office picture has collected 502.6 million, beating the previous actor’s film record  “Troy”, earning 497.3 million.
In the U.S. box office movie which is  about a former UN employee Gerry Lane, who tries to stop the zombie apocalypse and save humanity, has collected 197.4 million dollars (by the way, this amount is also a records for Brad), as shown in cinemas in other countries brought even 305, 2 million.

Recall, Mr. Pitt, who is also a co-producer of the picture, personally presented the “World War Z”to viewers in London, Paris, Berlin, Sydney, Seoul, New York, Moscow and Tokyo. His promotional tour actor brilliantly combined with rest, traveling the world with his wife and children and appearance on the red carpet Angelina Jolie only increased the hype surrounding the premiere.

Already this fall is expected to release another pictures with his participation: Ridley Scott’s thriller “Counselor” and Steve McQueen’s drama “Twelve years of slavery.” Both films partner Brad on the set was Michael Fassbender.

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